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We need a total of 47 volunteers for both concerts during this weekend. Please consider helping in this way we cannot do this without our volunteers. Volunteers receive free entrance to the concert for  Front of House and backstage.  Can't make the full time? Consider donating Cases of water or Snacks.  We really need RISER help.  This is quick from a time commitment but oh so important!

Alumni and Moms of Singers are invited to sing with Bella and Cantabile for Carol of the Bells and Silent Night.  Sign up to download your music.  Rehearsal times are Tuesdays at 7:00pm with Bella if you're able to join.  If not we will have a joint rehearsal the day of the concert at 4:00pm.



Why do we ask for Volunteers?

Although it may seem we have enough help, we could use more involved parents to help at concerts! Putting on a concert takes a lot of work and much of the behind the scenes work is done by three people the entire week before the concert. We only have 1 full-time staff member, 2 part time staff members and one full time volunteer doing the majority of the work. Please consider helping out in some capacity over the holiday concert weekend.

We could really use help with Front of House and Risers.  With Risers at Camelback, they have to be transported down an elevator and onto the stage. This will require about 5 people to help set up.  Scott Kisicki faithfully does this for EVERY concert.  He would really appreciate the help!!


Thank you to our faithful concert and rehearsal volunteers, who show up every rehearsal and concert to make sure things run smoothly for your singers:

Choir Coordinators

Heather Maxwell, Brook Carroll, Cheryl Manney, Alicia Pritchard, Ana Paul


fun!RAISER Team

Brandy Keller, Andrea Johnson, Mary Kennedy, Barb Tsinakis, Paralee Johnson, Jill Jones



Evelyn Wright and Heather Maxwell - Front of House Managers

Vanessa Kisicki - Backstage Manager

Lesley Stephens, Nikki Walser, Wendy VanKirk -Backstage Coordinators

Lisa Finn, Ana Paul - Backstage Supervisors

Wendy Benson, Elise Vincent - Front of House Volunteers


Looking for Booth Volunteers to help cover shifts at the Phoenix Arts Festival December 13-15. Dolce is performing Sunday 12/15 at 3pm. We've got a booth all weekend and are heavily recruiting for the spring semester.  Want to help? Just need a couple hours at a time. Great way to spread the PGC love with the community and recruit some potential singers!

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Form closes the same time as online ticket sales (Noon at Friday before the concerts)

The complete list of fees for tuition, uniforms and tours all in one place!

If you have existing funds available from previous seasons, apply by AUGUST 1 to receive funds for August Tuition and/or Tour payment. 

Complete this form for Needs Based Financial Aid assistance for tuition expenses based on income.

If this form is not completed, email will be the default for communications and equal monthly installments will be selected as tour payment preference. 

All Parents must complete one preference for each singer. If this form is not completed, email will be the default communication and be sent to the main parent on file when your singer was registered. 

Applications for Cantabile, Bella and Dolce Tour Chaperones (to be announced mid August) and Melodia/Harmonia Camp Chaperones (September 13,14)

Packet passed out at Cantabile, Bella, and Dolce PGC&Me Nights.

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Don't forget to check out the fun!RAISER page (dropdown menu) for ALL fun!RAISER options this season! There's something for everyone! Click on the description to be directed to that particular page.

Tangibles - Butter Braids

Scrip - Online gift card rebate program

Public fun!RAISER - AMC Initial Site Selection for December (opens 11/20 at 7pm - 11/22 at 9pm) JANUARY Safeway Initial Site Selection (opens 11/24 at 2pm - 11/26 at 9pm)

Letter Writing Campaign - Send letters to companies, family, friends

Personal Online Page - (EXAMPLE:



We love volunteers at PGC! In fact, Volunteers are a huge part of how our organization operates.   We also love ideas! Collaborating with minds who want to help the organization, which in turn helps your singers, makes for a fantastic community.  So let us know if you have a special talent, gift or just want to brainstorm an idea. Below are some ways you are encouraged to pitch in.

  • CONCERTS- Backstage Supervisors, Singer Check-In, Riser Crew, Ushers, Flower/Water sales, Box Office, Greeters
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE - We have several community service projects throughout the season and we encourage entire families to participate! Singers are required to do the two performance based projects (Veterans Home in the fall and Retirement Home in the spring). Here are a few for this season (which are on the calendar!): Veterans Home, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Feed My Starving Children, AZ Diaper Drive, Westminster Village
  • fun!RAISER TEAM - Our fun!RAISER team is busy this season! Have an idea or have experience planning events, selling products or have corporate connections? Email Brandy, the fun!RAISER Manager at to help!
  • REHEARSAL SUPERVISORS- Sit in on rehearsal and be a room monitor! Super easy and you get to know the singers. This is for Moms, Dads, grandparents, Nannies, any adult!!


If you are interested in volunteering with PGC, or would like more information on specific opportunitites email or text 281-723-8252.


View upcoming rehearsals
and concert schedule


  • Concert Volunteers Needed!
    • Riser Set up and Take Down
    • Front of House
    • Backstage Supervisors
    • Concert Volunteers do not need to purchase a ticket for themselves!

PGC Policies

Policy question?

  • Answers in the PGC Handbook
  • UPDATED for the 2019-2020 season

PGC Swag

We will be updating the PGC Swag soon! We are working on the payment piece which needs to integrate into our system. Have Merchandise ideas? Email


Financial Questions, Tour Questions, General Choir Questions, etc


Don't forget to join the Family Facebook Group, follow PGC on Instagram and check out our YouTube Page!


Check your singer's Choir Page for Choir-Specific details.


Questions? Suggestions? Concerns?

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