Public Sites Deposit Form

  • Please select DOWNLOAD and save a copy to your personal computer and print out
  • Attach Deposit Form and Money Order to a payment form which is outside the financial office and place all items in the payment box for processing.  
  • Print out, complete ALL INFORMATION, including singer name on each money order and/or check AND the deposit form

Sites and Site Selection

  • AMC November Site Selection available Now
  • AMC December Initial Site Selection begins 11/20 at 7pm - 11/22 at 9pm; Reopens 11/24 at 2pm
    • Singers may choose 1, 3 hour time slot during initial site selection period - 1 singer = 1 slot (Siblings must each select their own time slot. There cannot be more than the number of slots available)
  • January Safeway Dates (January 3, 10, 11, 17, 18) Initial Site selection begins 11/24 at 2pm - 11/26 at 9pm Reopens 12/5at 6pm
    • Singers may choose 2, 3 hour time slots total  (Siblings may occupy the same slot at Safeway)
    • Remember 1 PGC and 1 Boys Choir per Safeway allowed. May not have 2 PGC spots at one store (unless you are siblings sharing a time slot)
  • If you are unable to keep your time slot or your plans change, you must remove your site selection
  • Singers may bring their own tables and keep their own funds. Please do not be aggressive in approaching patrons. Organizations have been removed due to aggressiveness. We do not want to loose these sites due to behavior!
  • Remember Credit Cards may be used through your Singer's Online page. Each singer has a page set up (you do nothing).  To find your singer's personalized page, please see the instructions on the LWC/Online Campaign page under Online Page Instructions Column



Thank you to Marisa Lawrence of Bella and her mom, Laurie who created a few tutorials regarding fundraising tables at a public site. These are also found on the fun!RAISER website public campaign page.

Questions? Need help? Email your fun!RAISER team at

 Brandy Keller (Dolce Parent) - f!R Manager

Andrea Johnson (Cantabile Parent) - f!R Tangibles Coordinator

Mary Kennedy (Dolce Parent) - f!R Public Sites Sign Up Genius Coordinator

Paralee Johnson (Dolce Parent) - f!R Special Events Coordinator

Lisa Finn (Harmonia Parent) - f!R Public Sites Safeway Coordinator

Email questions to the fun!RAISER team directly at  Email will be answered within 24 hours or as quickly as possible. Should you desire a phone call or face to face interaction outside of your choir night, please email the request to the fun!RAISER email as it is checked regularly.