SHOP WITH SCRIP is a rebate program where you purchase a gift card (electronically) at full price, and receive a rebate based on the available percentage that particular retailer is offering.  Physical Card orders will be purchased through PGC on the first of every month and delivered to your singer's folder on her rehearsal night. No checks will be accepted as form of payment, only your bank or credit card, which you set up when you enroll. Give the enrollment code to any family/friend to register.  Make sure they put your singer's name in the student section so it gets properly distributed to her scholarship funds. Funds will be distributed at the end of each month and included in the total fun!RAISER column on the financial statement you receive from the financial office  at the end of the month.


Click "Join a Program"








1.Enter Enrollment Code: BBL22L9E6463L



2. Click Register


3. Complete your personal information to register your account - on STEP 3, be sure to add your singer's name(s) in the STUDENT section and Choir(s) in the CLASSROOM section

4. Once you click Register, a pop up asks you to enter your payment information.  You can select which option is best for you.  There is also a way to pay by credit card, which does incur an additional 2.6% fee to the total.